The present conditions of malaria

・220million patients/year
・660 thousand people deaths/year
・90%victims in Africa
・Children under 5 years
・One child death/45 seconds
・Our staff members wish to see decreased fatality rate of children who suffer from malaria. Our mission is to educate people and work toward the great vision of the malaria free world.

Difference with current malarial measures and ZERO-MOZ

ZERO MOZ 6 months

Generally, the common solutions exterminating the mosquito is the agricultural chemicals. In these methods, we need to scatter them repeatedly. It means that the load on the environment is high and the impact for human body is serious.
In addition, labor cost and the medicine cost is expensive. Also the use of the mosquito net is usual measures. It is effective for defending from the adult mosquito.

However it is insufficient only to defend from the adult mosquito as malaria measure. To solve these problems, we developed this product with safety, long-time effect, low cost performance and easy to use.

About ZERO-MOZOne ZERO-MOZ block is effective for 6 months when it is submerged in 2-5 tons of water.It slowly dissolves into water in 6 months depending on locations and conditions.

System and effect of the ZERO-MOZ

Mosquito Life Cycle

Mosquitoes lay eggs in water. The eggs grow in water.
When you apply ZERO-MOZ in the water body, it dissolves into the water. Dissolved ZERO-MOZ will come to contact with mosquitoes. This causes the insects to lose their hormone balances as they grow. Eggs do not become larvae; larvae do not become pupae; pupae do not become mosquitoes. This is because insecticide elements in ZERO-MOZ work well. One important fact is that ZERO-MOZ dissolves into water slowly in 6 months, which is patented.

The most important concern is the safety. Japan Food Research Laboratories has conducted the LD50 test to verify safety and given the value of 2000mg/kg to prove that ZERO-MOZ is quite safe. This means the product is safer than coffee with its caffeine contents.

Many people have asked me if ZERO-MOZ is really safe.
They wonder if it affects biological systems. The most skeptical people would say, “ If it is so safe, how would you compare it to water? Water is the safest substance.” I would not say ZERO-MOZ is absolutely free of effects, but I can assure you it is minimal if there were any. I am happy to know that its safety has been proved.

Noguchi Memorial Institute For Medical Research College of Health Sciences-University of Ghana

Figure 4: Research Assistants inspecting larval containers for pupae

ZERO-MOZ should be used according to terrain conditions

ZERO-MOZ should be used according to terrain conditions.
For river applications, you should consider widths, velocities and depths before application.

For shallow water beds, cut ZERO-MOZ inot small pieces and apply them. If the water dries up, ZERO-MOZ will not die but stay effective until the terrains are wet again.

The effectiveness of ZERO-MOZ becomes shorter when it is cut into small pieces.



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