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PHILIA was established in April 2008 in Japan. The name "PHILIA" means "friendship" in Greek. We consider that keeping in good relationship with people is very important to continue to work together. Corporate philosophy is "The fabulous Japanese products to the world, and contribute to environmental issues and economic development."

Our Business products are ZREO-MOZ for preventions of malaria and EBB for water purification.

Malaria is one of the three major infectious diseases, as AIDS and tuberculosis, which killed more than 445 thousand people and infected about
216 million people in each year. To prevent of malaria has become an important issue on a global scale. Over 90% of victims were found in Africa.
WHO has said that its high mortality rate of children under five years old was particularly in Africa. Also it is examined that the death rate of one child occurred in every 2 minutes.

We all believe that ZER-MOZ brings the lower mortality rate of children by malaria, and it is our major goal.

Corporate Philosophy

And to the world the superior technology of Japan, and contribute environmental issues and economic development.

Corporate Profile


  • Soiree de Ginza Yayoi Building.7F, 7-6-19,
  • Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo,
    104-0061, Japan
  • e-mail:info@philia-corp.com
  • Opening hours 9:00-17:00
  • Regular holiday Sat,Sun,and holidays